drawing of gordy west
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Gordy West
Lead guitar, vocals

Injured in a freak basketball accident--or so the government would have us believe--that ruined any chance that young West had of ever impressing women or being popular, he turned to the guitar. By they age of three had had recorded his first solo album, the under-appreciated "Rollin'." By five had release a trilogy of successful--regionally--albums with his then wife--Stevie Ward--under the name West/Ward. But their relationship ended in a freak basketball accident--or so the military industrial complex says. He spent the next forty years honing his craft in various middle and bottom management positions around Durham, Northern Carolina. Discovered by Alabaster in a Greyhound bus station bathroom, West was quickly recruited into the now almost complete band. Their first practice is said to have been so amazing it was never repeated. Famous for his signature "Chorus turned on all the time" tone--the secrets of which guitarists have been trying to discover for years--West's solos put the "oft" back in "soft rock."

Gordy recently left the band to spend more time with his family due to complications arising from his death.