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Arturo Fratelli
Lead guitar, vocals

A silent man. He appeared one night on the Alabaster's doorstep, unannounced. Alabaster was finishing up a conference call with Bunks and Turnblue--tossing ideas around. There was a knock. Thunder crackled like popcorn. The rain started, stopped and then did a third thing. Lightening flashed. Alabaster opened the door and met his destiny. Fratelli was tall and flamboyant. Across his back he carried a guitar. In one hand he had a Fender Twin and in the other he was trying to hold a number of boutique pedals and cables. "Little help," he said. Alabaster, mistaking this for an offer rather than a request said, "Yes, yes. You are what we need," and rushed to his room so he could document the discovery in his diary. Fratelli, left out in the dark and rain, alone, was set upon by thieves riding on wolves holding hornets and scissors.