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Wusses Music

The Wusses many record albums are available at all reputable record stores. Most albums have also now been reissued on 8 track and cassette, so you can listen to the Wusses in your car!

Wusses Tee Shirts

Wusses tee shirts are now available free of charge. All you provide is the tee shirt, the iron on transfer paper and the black and white or color printer. Iron on transfers are available here in the following colors:

Wusses Tee Shirt -- black
Wusses Tee Shirt -- blue
Wusses Tee Shirt -- green
Wusses Tee Shirt -- orange
Wusses Tee Shirt -- purple
Wusses Tee Shirt -- red
Wusses Tee Shirt -- yellow

Just print one of these out onto some iron on transfer paper and iron it on to your favorite tee shirt. If you actually get this to work, let us know. We haven't actually tried it ourselves. If you send us a picture we'll put it on our web site.

And remember, you don't have to iron these on to just tee shirts. You can iron them onto your button down shirt, your polo shirt, your cardigan, or even your favorite sports fleece! Do not attempt to iron these on to grandparents, dogs, your sister, or any member of the constabulary.