drawing of bobby turnblue
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Bobby Turnblue
Keys, guitars, vocals

Nicknamed "the Squire," "Pops of Pop," "Softest Man in the Piedmont," and "Aardvark," Turnblue is a true music original. In fact, he invented music. In the 17th century, scientists were trying to develop better means of getting women into bed. Pythagoras, a member of the Medici family--who invented medicine, also--was at Turnblue's house one night. They were sipping on brandy from fine goblets and Pythagoras mentioned to Turnblue his problem. Turnblue thought about it, excused himself, got into the foyer closet, and an hour later emerged and said, "What if you put some dots on a piece of paper and then I blow into a pipe." They tried it, and of course I don't have to tell you what happened. Let's just say, Jimmy Page was very happy to be born.